Glamorous, artistic and one-of-a-kind instrumentalist and composer M’Michèle answered a few questions for us and shared a bit on what inspires her mesmerizing music.

How do you prepare before a performance; tell us more about your process or your pre-show routine?
I prepare all my bags the day before and I visualize the next day, no matter what time I finish the evening before. I need to feel free and relaxed during the day … the rest comes naturally!

How was your project under M’Michèle born?

I did a lot of shows featuring or accompanied by DJs at the time (in the 2000s) because I loved everything that was done on the electro scene. I constantly changed collaborators according to the different projects and events. Although I loved (and I still love) collaborating with other artists, I decided to take matters in my own hands, to take the reins of my career and my collaborations, with the aim of deepening my musical projects and reaching new heights artistically speaking.

What do you like most about your music career?

Meeting people! Musicians, the public, new collaborators, etc. Music is such a powerful and universal language…

What are your influences? Who made you want to make music?

I have a lot of influences, from Mendelssohn to Nicolas Jaar, to Charles Mingus and Paul Kalkbrenner … the list is really just infinite!

I was lucky to have a family of musicians. So I started playing music without even knowing it, at family parties. I always felt it was our way of saying “I love you” between us. Music has never left me since! it is my preferred means of communication and expression. It’s also a way of shouting – I exist! – and to live in the present.

What inspires you when you compose or perform?

Paintings, photographs and visual art in general. I always have a precise image in mind, a place, a moment or an emotion when I arrange or perform a song.

What was the very first single or album you bought?

Sarah McLachlan, Mirrorball. I went to the store to buy it and when I arrived at the cashier I participated in a contest and won the album.. So I didn’t technically buy it haha, but I was very happy!

And the album bought more recently?

Turn Nothing to Something by Marc Brauner

What do you listen to while on vacation?

Hmmm, anything (laughs)! Today I was on a break in the sun and was listening to Smile, by Jungle and Revisited, by Donovan Frankenreiter. It was perfect.

A show anecdote to tell us?

There are so many! But there’s one that comes to me now. It was when I was invited to perform at a festival in Belgium. All the musicians were wearing disguise and I found myself in bunny costume! Then they asked me to get on the stage and sing a traditional Belgian song that I didn’t know of course! I let the musicians and public lead, but they probably had a lot of fun out of this!

What is your ”guilty pleasure’’ song?

Wake Me Up by Avicii

The song that would most definitely represent you?

Hard to say really! I would say “le Coffre” and “Magnolia” (can’t help but name more than one!)

A concert that’s engraved in your memory?

Radiohead at the parc Jean Drapeau..

What would be the ”featuring” of your dreams?

To go back in time and play with Miles Davis

What do you listen to get up in the morning?

Jack Johnson

Your favorite tune to dance to?

Any tune by Boris Brejcha

Who’s your favorite artist at the moment?

Another tough choice! But I would say Rone

Will we have the chance to see you perform in the upcoming weeks?

Yes, August 18 I will be closing the Octenbulle Festival and August 25 I will be playing at the Parc Jeanne-Mance.

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