Alter Ego

Alter Ego has a non-stop, all dance repertoire featuring the best of 70’s disco, 80’s rock, 90’s Pop, and Top 40 of today. The band members’ singing and dancing is enhanced by 95 dazzling costume changes which add an MTV Video feel to their performance. When Alter Ego takes the stage, the party has obviously begun!

This group sends an electric charge right into the hearts of the spectators. Their show is designed to interact with the audience and keep them on the dance floor. And for those who don’t wish to dance, Alter Ego’s show is very visual and entertaining to watch. Alter Ego travels throughout the world performing at festivals, corporate events, fundraisers, and private parties. Their high energy performance elevates your mood! Alter Ego’s contagious energy electrifies from the very first down beat ‘til the last partygoer leaves the floor!