Have you met Dj Duo Patch Safari? Maybe you’ve seen them in some new trendy spot in the city of Montreal or at some wedding or party recently – if not, chances are you will probably bump into one of their soon-to-be-legendary Dj set around town this summer. Here’s a little chat we had with Roxane and Julien – both very human, fun and talented beings – on their DJ career as well as some fun musician/producer stories.

– How did you guys come to collaborate and ”give birth” to Patch Safari?

We started collaborating together on TV, documentaries & commercial music. We also wrote / produced original music during this time and we finally decided to release these songs and to build a musical project in our image.

– What is your process when you are invited to play somewhere?

Have as much information as possible about the location, the number of people present, the style of music they like, the demographics of the group… We want to know everything!

– What do you like most about your music career?

The variety of opportunities and the ‘challenge’. And just doing what you love most in life as a work! For us, music is the most visceral, fundamental and universal art form there is! When people dance, it’s one of the rare moments when they can let themselves go completely… is great… and just that the exaltation you feel ”when you hit the spot”!

– What are your influences? Who made you want to make music?

Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk, Missy Elliot, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Crystal Castles, Mstrkrft, Chemical Brothers, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads… to name a few.

Timbaland. CR: Eric Ray Davis

Roxane: As a teenager, I spent some time playing metal riffs on my guitar, alone in my basement and through time I developed a great interest in computer programming and music production. I spent my days writing Guitar Pro scores until I decided to get down to business by installing FL Studio.

Julien: My parents are big music lovers and I grew up with the best music constantly playing around in the house. My idols were the artists who have succeeded to combine an artistic proposal that is both innovative and catchy.

– What inspires your lyrics?

It’s often a word or phrase that triggers the entire writing process; a phrase heard on the street, in a coffeeshop, in a movie. Humor, absurdity, beauty; they are all inspirational triggers.

We are antennas and emotions are like radio waves that we capture.

– Tell us a bit more on the story behind your song Panorama

Panorama is the classic “break up song”. In this particular case, the word “panorama” for its sound and rhythm that captured our attention. It also reflects that feeling, when we fall in love and “the other” becomes your entire emotional-visual field.

– What is the first you bought?

Roxane: The very first CD I bought was a Dance Plus 2001 compilation I think (laughter)!

Julien: Rap Traxx 2, ordered at a Sears store in my native countryside home!

-The best song to start off a DJ set?

Everything ‘Old School’ Funk or Hip Hop, that’s not too fast or aggressive can make a great opening.

– What’s the song that you play every time you perform?

For us, Hot in Herre by Nelly is and always will be the bomb!

– The ultimate ”track to relax”?

Time by the Alan Parsons Project.

– The strangest request you had?

A Finnish folk song in the middle of a Hip Hop/Funk set…

– Your ”guilty pleasure” song?

I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston..!

– The track you would have loved to produce?

There are so many! Anything by Timbaland, Pharrell, Anderson Paak, Basement Jaxx, Mark Ronson, Jamie xx…

– The concert/DJ set that struck you the most?

Julien: Dave Clarke at Awakening Festival

Roxane: Florence and The Machine at Osheaga

– Your best DJ set memory?

Roxane: Abeille Gélinas’ 40th birthday party, when we played one of our remixes for the first time in public and everybody started dancing and singing… It was an exciting and rewarding moment!

Abeille & Patch Safari

Julien: When I spinned my own tracks for Tiesto and his team at the mythical Sona bar just before his performancce, with Runner and The Jet (my duo at the time) at the forum Pepsi for the Rave Swirl in front of 4000 people.

– What’s the featuring of your dreams?

Snoop Dogg: the ultimate featuring God!

– The best song to get up to in the morning?

Reggae or rocksteady music.

– The best song to dance to?

Losing It by Fisher; when the crowd is warmed up in the night or Get Busy by Sean Paul in smaller parties; it makes everybody happy!

– Your favorite album or song right now?

Channel Tres, recent discovery. We appreciate her urban/dance laidback vibe that makes you want to dance.

Check out their Facebook page or the cool bars in Montreal to see them perform and give us a shout if you wish to book them for your events!