Patch Safari

Patch Safari is a Montreal-based production duo formed in 2017 by Roxane Durand and Julien Turmel.

They randomly met in 2012, as Julien had been composing and producing music for TV for 15 years and Roxane was a young aspiring producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer who had been learning the basics by herself through her teenage years. Upon listening to Roxane’s soundcloud page, Julien knew he had found a diamond in the rough.

Ever since their encounter, the music veteran and the self-educated producer became an inseparable studio pair. So far, they have scored numerous documentaries, TV shows and commercials. They also often mix for all kinds of private and corporate events. No matter the crowd, they know how to adapt their set list and please everyone. See for yourself by listening to their Pop, Hip Hop or Cocktail mix. 

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